Glyphs Plugins


As I've done more 3D modelling, I’ve come to appreciate how extensive the tooling for 3D meshes is and in turn miss these tools when working with 2D vectors. This tool brings the notion of bevels and extrusions to 2D vectors. Path generation is tedious and at times cumbersome, even with the best UIs. With extrusions, the process of leveraging primitives to work outwards is much easier.


SelectionPalette provides a set of commands to aide in working with nodes, components, and anchors.

In the Edit menu are four general selection commands to remove the most recently selected element, grow the selection, shrink the selection, or continue the current selection using the selection pattern defined by the most recently selected nodes.

Each icon in the palette represents a type of element in the Glyphs edit view. If you have a crowded letter with many nodes, you can narrow down your selection by filtering your selection or selecting only the type of nodes you really want.


I also have a range of scripts for Glyphs. A brief selection includes commands for catmull-clark and faceted path subdivision, selection translation using the font's italic angle, node conversion, and quick inktrap creation.