Hey hi I'm Dan.

I’ve been able to find overlap in a lot of these interests, from designing sites about language to making a typeface to go on an album, there’s a lot of space in between these disciplines.


Making music used to be a childhood fantasy, and only when I was 17 did I start really making music I could call my own. I made cheap house and dance music, pulling from the music I was listening to.



After college, I contemplated starting a label, and instead started a blog, FUTUREVAGUE, that I abandoned in 2012 but have occasionally updated since. During its first year, I interviewed Kidnap Kid, and featured artists such as Bondax, Kwes, and Color Plus. Alongside writing, I also briefly produced a podcast, the Future Vague Podcast. Episodes 001 & 002 are lost forever.

Since that time, I’ve made music primarily under the name Ceoux, a moniker that has grown and changed with my own tastes.


After deciding school wasn’t for me and wanting to start a music label, I thought the first step was making a website. This was ultimately the wrong approach for starting a label when I didn’t really have any content for it, but it exposed me to web development and forced me to Just Build Websites. After getting a grasp on web technologies and WordPress, I fell into an internship at a AWP, a design shop in Ithaca, NY. That internship quickly turned into a full-time position, and in the two years working at AWP, I was exposed to the entire process of building an effective site for clients like the Finger Lakes Land Trust and Spider Camera Holster, where I had the opportunity to lead the web development process and make sites that flow and function as I would want them to.

Web Dev

Finger Lakes Land Trust

Near the end of my time at AWP, The Finger Lakes Land Trust was a culmination of all the things I’d learned in the two years leading up to that project, and all those things went into this site.

Web Dev

Spider Camera Holster

In this marketing site for the most innovative camera carrying solution, I used semantic markup structures that make use of microdata and a fluid layout that ensured the products were a centerpiece at any size.

Web Dev


I built this site in early 2013 in order to learn how to use SVG and get some more experience drawing characters. The main goals were to represent the feeling of the movie (and subsequent franchise), express my connection to the story, and make something that would be visually engaging.

Web Dev


Beauté is the result of a quick survey I conducted with friends and their own friends to gather quick opinions on what beauty is—in their native language. The website was built to showcase each quote with translated text. Unimplemented functionality included submissions.


I always struggled to convince my parents that artistry would ever get me anywhere. Design was my in by allowing me to use both hemispheres of my brain and apply them to real problems.

Recently, I’ve become wildly interested in typography, and as a natural extension of that, making typefaces.



Originally designed as a pixel font, this font includes light and dense fill variants, each with a corresponding pixelated shadow, that contrast one another.

I’ve also been interested in iconography, having used the Noun Project for several years, and making a few icons myself.

I’ve been learning 3d modelling recently and using it as another tool to achieve visual end goals.


Language offers a looking glass into the history and mindset of other people and, in turn, an opportunity to explore life as others see it.

I love learning about how language is tied to culture, how languages are tied to one another.

Web Dev


To look at a very particular facet of language, I, along with Brittany, asked some friends and acquaintances abroad to give us an idea of what beauty means to them, in their native language. We translated and published the results on this site.

One of my biggest goals in my work is to make things that people want to use, things that feel natural to them, and part of that means using something that’s localized to them. I ultimately want people to be able to read my content in whatever language they please, and when they do so, I want them to feel like it was made just for them, and feel the mood that I originally wanted to convey. This means more than just translation. I want to localize to cultures and tap into their experiences.


While photography has always been a hobby for myself and friends alike, photography has mostly served as a means and utility for my own creativity.

ceoux cover
subtle texturing from photographs

I often use photography to enhance other works like illustrations with texture, provide context for 3d models, or serve as a baseline for drawing.

Photography, at its core, goes further than that though. I’m especially interested in the study of light. How it interacts with the world around it, and how to capture that light.



I’ve been able to find overlap in a lot of these interests, from designing sites about language to making a typeface to go on an album, there’s a lot of space in between these disciplines.